artreward is a network that rewards its participants organising art exhibitions, providing locations and services and, above all, young talents and established artists who are sensitive to the issue of the professional integration of young people. artreward is a network that, thanks to its nature, generates a new artistic system that is independent of traditional logics and bypasses the art system. Those who participate work to accumulate credits that are distributed on the basis of merit. As soon as the network generates income (that can be of any kind, from private or public sponsorship, from the sale of works of art, to tickets to exhibitions, concerts, parties) credit are rewarded with real money. The potential activities that can enter this system are only limited by the trust that people are willing to place in artreward. The development of this network will determine its future. If it develops in a capillary manner it could also generate a real exchange currency, since by centralising services and performances its credits could also be used as a real exchange currency between participants. Many pension systems of large multinationals have an internal system of incentives through holiday vouchers in company-owned locations. If we think about how virtual money began, it is not difficult to take the next step and think in a systemic way about the exchange of work/credit organised in a computerised and automatic way.

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Every Friday morning we zoom in to inform the Artreward community of new activities. By participating in the sessions you create international synergies for the creation of your activities in Arteward. Join the zoom on Fridays at 10hoo GMT+1.


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